Flushing-based precinct honors mall security guard for helping catch wallet thief

Photo by Suzanne Monteverdi/QNS

The 109th Precinct recognized a local mall security guard who went the extra mile to help officers apprehend a suspect with sticky fingers.

On Aug. 14, a woman was shopping in the Flushing’s Skyview Center Mall when — unaware that someone had reached into her bag and stolen her wallet — she started receiving text message alerts of suspicious activity on her credit card. While retracing her steps, the victim was able to identify the male suspect and began questioning him when he attempted to flee the scene on foot.

After the incident was reported to the 109th Precinct, three officers arrived on the scene to pursue the suspect but were unsuccessful. However, Security Officer Michael Dolorio, who was assisting the officers in their pursuit, saw the suspect run past him and head into another building. The suspect, unaware he had been spotted, headed up to the roof of the building and laid on his stomach, watching the officers below.

With the perpetrator in sight, Dolorio contacted the officers and gave his location. Officers then placed the suspect under arrest.

At the precinct’s Sept. 13 Community Council meeting, Inspector Judith Harrison presented Dolorio with an award for his efforts. The guard also serves as an Auxiliary Officer in Staten Island.

“We can’t be everywhere, we can’t do everything, and we can’t do it alone,” Harrison said. “This award that I’m giving out now is a testament to how, when two different agencies, two different entities get together and work together, we can take somebody off the streets.”