Cuomo expands MWBE programs

Cuomo expands MWBE programs
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced legislation to reauthorize and to expand the MWBE Program to more contracts entirely funded by the State. The proposed legislative changes and expansion to include all State-funded contracts will leverage the largest pool of State funding in history to combat systemic discrimination and create new opportunities for MWBE participation at every level. This action builds on Governor Cuomo’s work to support women and minorities in achieving representative participation in the economy. In 2014, the Governor increased the Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise goal for State contracting from 20 to 30 percent—the highest in the nation. Since 2011, state-certified MWBEs have won more than $10.4 billion in State contracts and the State has certified more than 6,600 MWBEs and re-certified more than 4,700 MWBEs.

At the February Port Authority monthly meeting a 2017 MWBE study was reviewed. The report concluded that MWBE participation in Port Authority contracts was lower than MWBE availability in all procurement categories The report recommended increase in goals as follows: • 20 percent for MBEs and 10 percent for WBEs • Good faith effort required – – if MWBEs not available for work required for a contract, good faith effort satisfies program requirement. Contractors will be expected to explore vigorously a variety of strategies and means to achieve the highest level possible. It is noted that program participation by minority business owners require certification.

This is a process that confirms that a business is at least 51 percent owned, managed, and controlled by a minority or a woman member.

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