Broadway-Flushing Homeowners’ Association welcomes new president

Broadway-Flushing Homeowners’ Association welcomes new president
kevin Morris (l.) accepts the passing of the Broadway Flushing Homeowners’ Association president’s gavel from predeccesor Janet McCreesh (r.) with Vice President Joseph Brostek (c.).
Courtesy of Joseph Brostek
By Mark Hallum

The Broadway-Flushing Homeowners’ Association welcomed a new president in Kevin Morris, who will be a familiar face after the many years he has served in the neighborhood organization.

Morris replaces Janet McCreesh, who was the 29th president of the BFHA since its inception in 1964, and who will remain active in the group, according to the association’s vice president, Joseph Brostek.

“It has been a pleasure to live in Broadway-Flushing for 60 years, and to have worked with the association for much of that time,” Morris said. “I will continue to promote the interests of the homeowners to maintain this as a premier New York neighborhood.“

The BFHA focuses on quality-of-life issues in the neighborhood, many of which include the Broadway-Flushing Historic District established in 2006, and protects the integrity of about 1,300 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places that have stood for more than a century.

“It has been my honor to serve as president of the BFHA for the past two years,” McCreesh said. “It is truly inspiring to work alongside a group of people who appreciate our community and work hard to protect it. I look forward to our change in leadership and am excited to work with our incoming 30th president, Kevin Morris.”

Illegal conversions of homes and zoning violations are a top priority of the BFHA, as well as airplane noise from the NextGen flight pattern, enacted in 2012, for commercial aircraft departing from LaGuardia Airport and particularly affected by what is known as the TNNIS climb.

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