Airline Briefs

Airline Briefs
Emirates and Etihad next to each other at different gates. Will they soon share one gate if the merger/acquistion is true?
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Emirates airline appetite

The airline industry is filled with rumors on Emirates buying Etihad. Emirates recently denied media reports that it was in talks to acquire Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways, saying “there is no truth to this rumor.” The official statement came after a news report said Emirates is “looking at taking over” Etihad to create the world’s largest carrier by passenger traffic. The report said that talks are only at a preliminary stage, and cited anonymous sources familiar with the matter. No one at JFK Airport would confirm this report.

Viva Terminal One

Viva aerobus begins service from JFK Terminal One to Mexico City on October 16th. Steve Rowland of Terminal One Group said, “Terminal One is delighted to host this new airline to the JFK market and is very excited to service Mexico City once again with non-stop service.”

Norwegian less flights

Norwegian in the process of discontinuing Edinburgh and Belfast service from New York Stewart International Airport. It will discontinue service to Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the end of October and to Edinburgh, Scotland, at the end of March. Anders Lindstrom, a spokesman for Norwegian, said in a statement that the decision to discontinue service between the United States and Edinburgh was tied to the Scottish government’s decision to postpone a 50 percent reduction in air passenger taxes.

Delta faces changes

Delta Air Lines has become the first airline to rely on biometrics for passengers boarding flights in Atlanta. Beginning late this year, customers flying direct to an international destination have the option of using facial recognition technology from curb to gate, transforming the customer journey with a seamless travel experience through the airport which is a change from traditional TSA procedures.

United pushes back

The NJ Senate bill 2892 mitigates financial harm to United by legislating the fuel taxincrease would apply to all airlines at EWR not just those airlines carrying more than 8 million passengers a year. United Airlines fought the original proposal to increase fees at Newark Airport (EWR) Since United is one of its largest tenants, the fees would hurt UAL and possibly initiate United moving its hub from this important Northeast airport. The fees imposed on the airport would go to financing an extension of the PATH train to include a stop at EWR.

Aer Lingus

CEO of Aer Lingus’ plans to unveil a refreshed brand identity in January which will reflect the airline’s modern outlook and ambition to be the leading value carrier across the North Atlantic and emphasized the company’s commitment to expansion of transatlantic connectivity between Ireland and the US.

Flight Disruptors

Disruptive in flight passenger disruptions cost the airlines a lot of money and inconvenience the traveling public. Recently aggressive passengers have been fined for their actions. The Federal Aviation Administration has the authority to impose penalties up to $25,000 against unruly individuals. One crazed flyer who tried to open an emergency exit door was sentenced to two years in prison, and had a fine of $87,000 to the victims he fought with as they tried to stop him.

JetBlue fuels up

JetBlue took possession of its latest A321 aircraft from Airbus’ U.S. A320 Family production facility in Mobile, Ala. JetBlue’s scheduled ferry flight, which took place on September 20, marked JetBlue’s first-ever flights fueled with renewable jet fuel blend. The fuel for these flights, provided by Airbus and certified by Air BP, consists of 15.5 percent renewable jet fuel blended with traditional jet fuel.

AF/KLM CEO to give back

Air France-KLM’s new boss said Monday that he would invest half of his fixed salary into the company’s stock as a gauge of his “confidence” in returning the strike-prone airline to a more solid footing.His fixed salary is $1 million a year, which the Unions protested since it is now 3x what his predecessor made.“

More Acquisitions:

More acquisitions in the local airport: Unity Electric, a $66 million company purchased by Engie, a $65 billion dollar company. The Group of Prime flight, Ultimate Aircraft was bought by Carlyle Group. Engie, a $66 billion dollar company. Carlyle Group is also bidding on terminal expansion at JFK Airport.

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