Queens residents get a ‘second chance’ at a clean record at Woodside warrant forgiveness event

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Hundreds of Queens residents had their outstanding warrants cleared at the Second Chance Summons Warrant Forgiveness Event held Oct. 20 in Woodside, according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

Queens residents had the opportunity to have low-level offenses — such as disorderly conduct, consumption of alcohol in public, trespassing or unlawful possession of marijuana, public urination and other transgressions — resolved without fear of being arrested.

There were interpreters available to assist people who speak Spanish, Bengali, Mandarin and Korean.

The event was held at the Universal Church, located at 68-03 Roosevelt Ave., during which approximately 401 people met with defense attorneys, had their warrants verified, and for those who qualified, their cases were then passed on to the New York State Court Administration and they were able to see a judge.

“An unanswered summons can result in an arrest and in some instances jeopardize an individual’s employment, educational and housing opportunities. Of the more than 400 individuals who attended the daylong event, 360 were able to have their warrants adjudicated and they can now live without looking over their shoulders wondering if an arrest is imminent,” Brown said.

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