TWA Vintage ‘Connie’ is home at JFK

The restored Lockheed Constellations “Connie” now rests at JFK Airport awaiting assembly of tail, winds and engines for placement as a lounge at the new TWA Hotel next to JetBlue terminal.
Airport Voice

The TWA Hotel that is being built at JFK Airport finally received the large fuselage, the final branding components, completing the vintage Lockheed Constellation, nick-named “Connie” whose tail section had arrived 8 days earlier. The two large pieces had been trucked from Maine and crowds along the way waved and cheered as the vintage pieces rolled by enroute to JFK Airport.

The “Connie” was in two major sections, the fuselage and tail assembly. They were both getting closer to their final destination at JFK Airport but not without a little drama first. The two “wide load” flatbed trucks carrying the two large pieces of fuselage and tail wing section made an unscheduled stop twice; once by a flat tire and another by the Throggs Neck Bridge where they remained for days until the tail assembly was moved to JFK Airport while the fuselage remained in the Bronx until complicated transportation approvals had been issued. Now the two large pieces of the restored plane are enjoying the view of the Jamaica Bay as the TWA Hotel continues towards completion.

The TWA Hotel is using this restoration of an actual Constellation, serial number N8083H, as the centerpiece of the new TWA Hotel currently under construction at JFK Airport next to the JetBlue terminal. The transported aircraft parts will be reassembled on site at the TWA Hotel as a vintage, unique lounge for the TWA Hotel. Forecasted to be open during the second quarter of 2019, the hotel will bring back the look and feel of the early glory days of flying at JFK. 500 rooms will be opened with easy access to all terminals on the JFK Airtrain.

The soon-to-be hotel lounge in a hangar at JFK.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

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