Record attendance at Kaamco meeting

Record attendance at Kaamco meeting
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Kaamco and the General Managers Meetings were held in February to the largest number of attendees in years. Members of the community came to hear from the NYC OEM office, general airport news, Kaamco Annual trip, updates on the runway construction project, and to hear from the Port and other agencies on important issues.

For 2019, the meeting will generally run from 10-11am, followed by the Genera Managers meeting form 11am-Noon to be held at Building 14, 2nd floor conference room.

The NYC OEM made a presentation by Jay Brandt, who spoke specifically about the Family Assistance Center (FAC) program partnered by the FAA and NTSB and how the airlines could benefit greatly by participating in it. Each airport is recommended to have a FAC facility established which will included all airport airlines.

The airlines in turn would have staff assigned to the FAC to initiate communications in the event of an accident. In the past the Ramada was the JFK Airport FAC but now the Hilton has been established as the physical location for this facility. Brandt encouraged airlines to contact the NYC OEM immediately if there is an airline accident describing the degree, nature and injuries of the accident injuries and call the OEM so that the process of assistance can get underway.

The Kaamco portion of the meeting was abbreviated due to the OEM presentation and the General Manager’s meeting followed with an agenda and list of speakers from the Port Authority with updates on their departments.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Terry Rizzuto focused on cargo and airline facilities to keep ramps clean. Spring Clean up in March. Developing FOD BOR Program. We hold weekly safety inspections in the cargo areas. And a safety program with Sajida and Terminal 4 Barbara Margolis safety ramp program. Rizzuto said that the Post Office Pen area is littered with containers and pallets and becomes a potential hazard. She asking the community and ground handlers to make sure it is keep clean. If not, they could be towed and liable for this towing. She discussed the ongong CDMs on the runway project to work out collaborative efforts to keep the construction project on schedule for April 1.


Manny Ciminiello reported that the contract is ready for air traffic control tower roof repairs will begin will begin in March and end in 2020. It was reported that there will be an Increase wifi strength from about 20mbs but upping to 100mbs Another improvement is in the line striping for better visibility and spruce up roadways to begin in the spring.


According the Jim Steven there is exciting redevelopment over 5-7 years. Port is working on the environmental assessment before Port can begin ground breaking in Spring of 2020. The DOT is working on the managed lane expansion on the Van Wyck Expy.and work is being done on the Federal Highway EIS. Plans can be found on www.dotny.gov/vwepressway. Steven mentioned that the TWA Hotel moving forward to May opening. Port is working with Aeroterm on the cargo building project with later 2019 ground breaking.


Work is being done on a software patch to reduce AirTrain failures.


The SIDA badge office will be moving temporarily to Building 141 effective march 11. Due to the move there will be extended hours on March 4& 5 until 5:30. From the 6-10, the office will close at 2pm until the new space opens on Monday March 11.


Port Director Frank Russo introduced NYC Field Operations Director, Troy Miller who thanked the community for a great partnership. Russo announced testing of online CBP Badge renewals program and will begin processing application online as of March 1. After April 1, all online. He noted the efficiencies of processing high number of passengers in good time.


Dave Siewert gave assurance to the group that the FAA would do what is has to keep things moving in the event of bad weather. He said the FAA is holding a series of meeting and weather telecoms to be able to make tactical adjustments as necessary during the runway construction period. He added that we will do our best to not let the airport gridlock.


FSD Bambury thanked the community for support during that critical time of the government partial shutdown. He said that it was necessary to be included in runway repair meetings and understand the potential impact due to delays so that resources can be allocated properly in such cases.

Aviation Development Council

Bill Huisman asked the various community representatives of the NYCAR to attend meetings and help make quorum to vote policy for the group. Reminded the group of the Crime watch program, and the promotional material for the employees to partake in the program.

New Deputy General Manager Tony Vero said it was a “ real first month” to meet people and understand what excites the staff at JFK. He enjoyed meeting the community and invitations by the community. He said he has been all over the airport and it was a pleasure to meet the Kaamco Excom team and discuss how Port can help.

In month two he hopes to meet each terminal operator and discuss how to meet the challenges ahead. Vero feels that he and General Manager Charles Everett compliment each other and thanked Everett for the warm welcome, Vero shared Port activities with the community and wished Bill Radinson well upon his retirement.

Director of CBP’s New York Field Office Troy Miller; Port Director, Field Operations. JFK Airport Frank Russo; Assistant Director, Border Security , Louis A. Carducci, Jr. at the Kaamco monthly meeting.