Cops crack down on parking spot savers in Maspeth who blocked street spaces with garbage cans

Photo: 104th Precinct via Twitter.

Homeowners using cones and garbage cans to reserve parking on the streets of the 104th Precinct got a rude awakening from NYPD as the command completed a sweep of Maspeth.

The 104th Precinct went on an initial crusade against utility cones used on the street to save parking spots in December when they scanned the Liberty Park area of Glendale.

“NCO Charlie (#Maspeth) and ⁦‪@NYCSanitation‬⁩ cracking down on residents complaint with homeowners using waste bins and cones to reserve parking space. Violators were issued summonses with the help of sanitation,” the precinct tweeted out on Friday.

In their initial crackdown, authorities pointed out that not only is it illegal to claim a public spot for oneself, it can cause frustration with neighbors and even be considered theft if the cones are taken from a nearby construction site.

Councilman Robert Holden backed up this move back in December pointing out that homeowners do not own a parking spot unless they have a driveway on their property.

Parking constraints are a Queens-wide issue with complaints from every neighborhood surfacing mainly at community board meetings when the city government proposes installing bike lanes or other types of development perceived to diminish curbside overnight storage of vehicles.

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