LaGuardia Marine terminal arts center

LaGuardia Marine terminal arts center
LaGuardia Airport General Manager Lysa Scully has seed pack in hand that artist Brian Soliwida had incorporated into his Clipper Ship parchment sails later to be used as a planting after the art exhibit.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

LaGuardia General Manager Lysa Scully opened the new art exhibit with Queens Counci of the Arts (QCA) at the LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal. The new exhibit is one of a series of art projects featuring local artists creating interactive travel related themes for travelers and employees within the historic terminal at the airport.

According the Scully, “We are making these art exhibits an integral part of the refubishing/reimaging of this building.”

She remarked that 2018 was the inaugural year for this artistic space and she did not know what to expect. But she said, “after twelve months is has been a privilege to watch it unfold, to see the artists, the work they have created, the diversity and the enthusiasm

from passengers and our employees.” She attributes the accolades to the caliber of the artists that QCA has been able to bring in from the borough of Queens.

“To express our confidence in this program Port Authority has not only provided space for this program and investment in the arts from the community, but we are proud of the program and will contribute $6,000 towards artists stipends for the coming year. This additional funding means that our customers will have more time to spend with the artists as they come in the terminal” Scully added.

The exhibits are held in the rotunda of the Marine Air terminal which is historcial with a wrap-arond mural from the Works Progress Administration era of the 1930’s. The mural depicts a history of flight in a bold graphic way with a model of the Pan Am Flying Boat Boeing 314, the celebrated “Yankee Clipper. Flying Boat aircraft simulating flight from the glass ceiling. Scully pointed out that LGA is collecting some permanent pieces of artwork for exhibition. One is from Bob Sheridan which is situated on the left as one walks into the rotunda. She said the piece by artist Sherwin Banfield will remain there to show how this program has made its mark. Scully enthusiastically explained the exhibits are there so the travelers knows there is an “amazing Past here. The interaction bewteen passenger and artist wil have a lssting impression which is important.” Over the years both the Port and LaGuardia Gateway Partners have used the rotunda space for special events and announccements. According to Scully Port has plans to upgrade the facility and that the terminal would get a facelift. “We are looking at poloshing up this space for additional uses. ” She said some structural and electriacl work, new bathrooms, general cleanup.and brightening up this space for improvements, for uses of it for a more united atmosphere.”
Currently the Marine Air Terminal houses JetBlue, Sheltair, Yankee Clipper restaurant and other services.

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