Center for the Women of New York welcomes Bayside resident as new president and CEO

Photo courtesy of the Center for the Women of New York

The Center for the Women of New York (CWNY) appointed a Bayside resident to head the organization following the passing of its founder last month.

The organization’s board of directors named Victoria Pilotti, Ed.D, as president and CEO, effective immediately. Pilotti succeeds founder Ann Jawin, who led CWNY from 1987 until her death on Dec. 31, 2019.

“We are determined to continue and build upon Ann Jawin’s legacy of making the world safer and more equitable for women,” said Dr. Pilotti. “We are overjoyed to welcome Ann Jawin’s granddaughter, Alixandra Jawin, to the board of trustees of CWNY.”

Under Pilotti’s leadership, the center will continue to provide women with services including career counseling, legal assistance, financial literacy and job training. Additionally, CWNY will also spearhead new initiatives in order to bring the organization’s programs to more women across the city and New York state.

“From the center’s office in Borough Hall, together with the newly opened Fort Totten location, we are thrilled to begin this new decade with aggressive plans to grow the organization and the number of women we can reach,” said former Assemblywoman and CWNY Trustee Ann-Margaret Carrozza.

Founded in 1987, the center aims to illuminate women’s issues in society while also establishing a resource for women to fight for issues including pay equity, reproductive rights and the elimination of sex trafficking. In early December, Jawin’s dream for a facility in Fort Totten were realized as she and the community celebrated the grand opening of the new location at 207 Totten Ave.

“Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Pilotti on her appointment as president and CEO of the Center for the Women of New York,” said Assemblyman Edward Braunstein. “I am confident that Dr. Pilotti will ensure that Ann Jawin’s remarkable vision for CWNY is achieved by expanding the vital services it provides to women throughout New York state, including career training, legal counseling, assisting domestic violence victims, and maintaining a living museum dedicated to women’s rights in Fort Totten.”

For more information or membership inquiries, visit cwny.org or contact Dr. Pilotti at 718-793-0672 or at centerwny@yahoo.com. Learn more about the organization at cwny.org or on Facebook.