Miranda wins case to remain on the ballot for Queens borough president

Anthony Miranda. (Photo courtesy of campaign)

Anthony Miranda, a retired NYPD sergeant and the only Latino candidate running for Queens borough president, announced on Monday that he had won his case to remain on the ballot for the March 24 special election.

In a press release, Miranda claimed that his removal from the ballot the previous week was an example of how “politics as usual” disenfranchises candidates who are not already part of the political class.

“Election laws need to change to support diverse candidates and not discriminate or disenfranchise voters. We are proud to represent the diverse communities of Queens. Just like Latinos represented in the Super Bowl, democratic progressives and Latinos will be represented on the ballot for Queens borough president,” said Miranda.

At a Jan. 28 Board of Election Commissioners meeting, the agency ruled four candidates off the ballot for the borough president special election, including Miranda. While the other candidates were ruled off due to problems that left them without the 2,000 required petition signatures, Miranda was ruled off as a result of a complications with his cover sheet.

Citing election law precedent, Miranda told QNS on Friday that he was confident he’d be back on the ballot. 

“It was a bad message that [the Board of Elections] sent out to the community, and it was the wrong message,” said Miranda.

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