Queens native’s education tech company gives away remote learning programs

Photo courtesy of ArgoPrep


An entrepreneur from Queens is giving away $1 million of K-8 lesson materials and more than 30,000 accounts for test prep materials to homebound teachers and students.

Education technology company ArgoPrep launched the initiative Thursday, immediately distributing nearly 2,000 free accounts to schools and teachers from the Bronx to North Carolina, according to a Thursday press release.

The accounts give teachers and schools access to prep material that they can pass on to their students who are adjusting to remote learning during the response to COVID-19. These include quizzes, video lessons and drills that are designed to deliver core curriculum in a structured way that is easy for students learning from home to grasp.

ArgoPrep is also providing free test prep material for the roughly 30,000 eighth-graders in New York City preparing for the Specialized High School Exam. NYC students can sign up online for a free 3-month subscription.

The programs allow parents to track their children’s progress, keeping them involved in their students’ remote learning experience.

ArgoPrep’s CEO and co-founder Anayet Chowdhury grew up in a low-income Queens family and attended New York City public schools, so he knows the importance of donating these materials to schools and teachers at a time of transition to online learning.

Schools and teachers interested in participating can contact the company directly at info@argoprep.com.

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