Astoria bubble tea store offers DIY kit, donates proceeds to health care workers

Photos courtesy of Tea and Milk

An Astoria tea shop has created a new way to get bubble tea without leaving the house.

Tea and Milk created the DIY Bubble Tea Kit, which allows for customers to brew their own bubble tea without leaving their homes. Tea and Milk was forced to close its doors when the COVID-19 pandemic began but has used some of the proceeds from the bubble tea kits to pay their employees, according to a representative from the company.

Tea and Milk has also used some of the profit to donate over 1,500 drinks to health care workers throughout the city.

Additionally, the store has teamed up with Pearl River Mart, an Asian Emporium in Chinatown, and Ten Thousand Foxes Tattoo to purchase, donate and deliver PPE to healthcare workers and hospitals around the city.

To purchase a DIY Bubble Tea Kit, click here.