Geraldo Rivera and Victoria Schneps host Straight Talk, Health and Wellness, brought to you HIPAAvideo.net


When there’s change in our world, new things happen – Covid-19 came, and the use of Telemedicine has skyrocketed.

STRAIGHT TALK brings you a new health and wellness podcast, sponsored by Hipaavideo.net, a company that brings total HIPAA compliance to a patient and doctor on a software program.

Renowned journalist Geraldo Rivera, co-hosts with Victoria Schneps, president of Schneps Media, a series exploring the benefits of telemedicine and health and wellness.

This last week’s podcasts episodes feature a nutritionist, geriatric house call dentists and a renowned dermatologist, all of whom use telemedicine with their patients.

The podcast features Talia Segal-Fidler, a nutritionist and columnist for amNY Metro, her recent article “Pillars of Health”, lists 4 health concepts and shares a healthy recipe as she discusses in the interview.

Talia teaches nutrition, health and food preparation at the The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania. The destination all-inclusive spa resort is reopening this summer and Talia says she is excited to be there to meet new guests. “I’ve been using telemedicine to maintain relationships with my clients” says Segal-Fidler.

Victoria Schneps interviews geriatric dentists Dr. Alisa Kauffman and Dr. Rachel Klein whose business is making house calls. We learn how they bring their equipment and profession to their patients living rooms to treat emergencies and other dental needs. “Telemedicine enables us to make one house call, not two!”

Dermatologist, author and professor Dr. Barbar K. Rao is the founder and medical director of 5 practices on the East and West Coast. “I have seen a jump from 5% to 30% in telemedicine visits in the past few months”, says Dr. Rao. He has been using Tele-Dermatology during this health crisis and he plans on continuing using it.

Whether you are taking a walk, or staying home, you can get some “Straight Talk” right to your mobile device or computer wherever podcasts are heard.

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