Volunteers, with chainsaws in hand, clear trees from Queens streets

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Photo via Facebook/104th Precinct Civilian Observation Patrol – G-COP


With trees strewn across roads following Tropical Storm Isaias, a 104th Precinct Civilian Observation Patrol member urged Queens residents and homeowners to join the precinct’s community patrol.

Christopher Landano, a volunteer for the patrol and NYC firefighter, asked fellow community members to join the community patrol in the wake of the damages Isaias wrought in a post found on the patrol’s Facebook page.

In Queens alone, 9,000 reports of fallen trees were made to the New York City Parks Department.

In his call to action, Landano described the extent of the damages he witnessed, saying many of the tipped trees obstructed streets.

He said that he and others of the community patrol were using chainsaws to clear ten streets in Glendale, Ridgewood and Middle Village.

“In the 104 Precinct Civilian Patrol, we are all volunteers. We’re all homeowners. We’re all people who live in Glendale, Middle Village and Ridgewood,” Landano said. “We can help the police department by going out on patrol and watching our neighborhood. We can make a difference, but we need numbers — we need people. People need to respond and get involved.”

In his post, Landano referred to a rally where people demonstrated in retaliation of a recently converted homeless shelter in Glendale. He said he wishes to see that same spirit translate into community efforts beyond just a singular event — to help the community long-term by making a commitment to the patrol.

“A lot of homeowners own businesses in Queens, so they have a vested interest in keeping the neighborhood clean and safe,” Landano said.

Landano attempted to galvanize readers, saying that “the 104th precinct relies on us to handle non-emergency situations like yesterday’s hurricane response.

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