Roadwork started this week in Community District 5

Close-up of an asphalt compacting roller working on highway asphalt resurfacing project
Photo via Getty Images

Extensive milling and resurfacing in Community District 5 — encompassing Ridgewood, Maspeth, Middle Village and Glendale — started this week on Monday, Sept. 20.

Gary Giordano, the board’s district manager, reported that the following roads are scheduled for improvements:

  • 75th Avenue/Forest Avenue, from Decatur Street to 64th Street;
  • Central Avenue from Cypress Hills Street to Myrtle Avenue, and from 69th Place to 73rd Place;
  • Otto Road, from 69th Place to Cypress Hills Street;
  • 70th Avenue, from 70th Street to Otto Road;
  • Indiana Avenue, from the Dead End to 72nd Street;
  • 72nd Street, from Central Avenue to Indiana Avenue;
  • 71st Place from Central Avenue to Cooper Avenue;
  • 72nd Place, from Edsall Avenue to Cooper Avenue;
  • 64th Street from Cypress Hills Street to Myrtle Avenue;
  • 64th Place, from Otto Road to Central Avenue;
  • 65th St., from Central Avenue to Myrtle Avenue;
  • 65th Place, from Myrtle Avenue to 70th Avenue;
  • 66th Street, from Otto Road to Myrtle Avenue;
  • 66th Place from Myrtle Avenue to Otto Road;
  • 67th Street from Otto Road to 70th Avenue.;
  • 67th Place, from Myrtle Avenue to Otto Road;
  • 70th Street from 70th Avenue to Myrtle Avenue;
  • 74th Avenue from 88th Street to Woodhaven Boulevard;
  • Woodhaven Boulevard Service Road at Union Turnpike;
  • Penelope Avenue, from Woodhaven Boulevard to 74th Street and from 71st Street to 69th Place;
  • 77th Street, from Juniper Boulevard South to 66th Road;
  • 77th Place, from Juniper Boulevard South to 66th Road;
  • 75th Street, from 71st Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue;
  • Gates Avenue, from Forest Avenue to Seneca Avenue, and Linden Street, from Cypress Avenue to Fairview Avenue;
  • Myrtle Avenue, from Fresh Pond Road to Cooper Avenue; and
  • Cypress Avenue, south of Myrtle Avenue

City Council member Robert Holden said that this road resurfacing is much needed.

“Road resurfacing can be a big inconvenience, as we all know,” Holden said. “But it’s necessary to keep our roads in good condition for the sake of safety and not destroying cars and other vehicles. I allocate as much funding to road resurfacing as I can, because it’s badly needed. So many of the roads all over New York are in terrible shape.”

A representative from the Department of Transportation said they are pleased to do these resurfacing projects.

“We are always happy to work collaboratively with Community Board 5 on high-priority streets, and this state of good repair resurfacing will improve the day-to-day lives of Ridgewood residents,” Brian Zumhagen from DOT said.