Hit CBS show ‘Blue Bloods’ films in Rego Park

Vanessa Ray (r.) was spotted filming scenes for the hit CBS show “Blue Bloods” in Rego Park. (Photo via Twitter/@BlueBloods_CBS)

CBS’ hit television show “Blue Bloods,” starring Tom Selleck as the New York City police commissioner, was seen filming in Rego Park on Wednesday, March 23.

Filming took place on 63rd Drive and the surrounding area.

A resident who spoke with a production assistant on set told QNS the scene will be featured in the season finale of the show that will air in a few months. The crew shot in the Lot-Less store on Queens Boulevard, which was closed to customers for the day. 

Video shows two characters, Eddie Janko (portrayed by Vanessa Ray) and her patrol partner, dressed as NYPD officers walking into the Lot-Less store. The scene took a few takes with extras walking around the sidewalk on Queens Boulevard.

Andrew Sklover, a resident of Rego Park who caught the footage of the scene, said that it was very cool to see filming in his neighborhood.

“I’m an old hand at catching TV/movie filmings whether in the city or in my area,” Sklover said. “It’s exciting when Hollywood comes to your hood. There’s a buzz in the air.”

Blue Bloods is in the middle of its 12th season and airs on CBS at 10 p.m. on Fridays.