Big Bush Park receives $1.2 million for turf field renovations

Photo courtesy of the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association

Big Bush Park in Woodside received $1.27 million in funding to renovate the turf field. The Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) also recently called on the Department of Parks and Recreation to put in a new turf surface as the existing one is “worn” and a “danger.”

Big Bush Park’s surface is Astroturf, however, the ENYYSA wants the Parks Department to replace it with Field Turf and Sprinturf since it resembles natural grass.

The call came after the Metrokids Youth Soccer League hosted their Champions Cup at Frank Principe Park in Maspeth on Saturday, Aug. 27, according to, Randy Vogt, director of PR at the ENYYSA. Vogt said that Frank Principe Park was crowded with activity while Big Bush Park was much quieter.

“One mile away at another Metrokids field, Big Bush Park in Woodside, that park was very quiet with one child in the playground with his mother and two men talking while sitting on a bench. The soccer field had no activity, organized or pickup, as the field is badly in need of repairs,” Vogt said.

The Parks Department’s website describes the park as a “hub of recreation for Woodside families and a delightful play space for kids.” The park features a large synthetic turf ballfield for soccer and other sports. Vogt said that the surface is worn and should be replaced with Field Turf and Sprinturf.

“The turf field at Big Bush Park is not the state-of-the-art Field Turf and Sprinturf that has been the most popular forms of turf for the past two decades since it resembles natural grass. Big Bush’s surface is Astroturf. When the many repairs needed to be made to the surface during the past few years, the field was patched up. Unfortunately, the surface is now very worn and the remaining turf has divots, a danger to the players who run up and down on the field,” Vogt said.

The condition of the turf field in Big Bush Park (Photo courtesy of the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association)

Vogt said that the ENYYSA hasn’t had any communication with the department in relation to the resurfacing of the field.

A spokesperson for the Parks Department said that funds have been allocated to renovate the turf field and will begin in spring 2023.

“We are happy to share that renovations are coming to Big Bush Playground’s turf field thanks to $1.27 million in funding allocated by the Office of the Mayor! We expect to begin the renovation in Spring 2023,” said the spokesperson.

Metrokids has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise $50,000 to help repair the field.