Democratic incumbents emerge victorious in Flushing and central Queens

Meng Photo (1)
Congresswoman Meng and her husband Wayne during her Election night event at Pho Grand Restaurant in Bayside on Tuesday, Nov. 8. (Photo courtesy of Meng’s office)

Democratic incumbents in Flushing and central Queens emerged victorious in key races for state Senate, state Assembly and Congress in the Nov. 8 general election. 

Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Grace Meng celebrated her victory against Republican challenger Thomas Zmich in the race for the 6th Congressional District. 

Meng led Zmich with 63.19% of the vote (79,506 votes) as of Wednesday, Nov. 9, with 97.19% of scanners reported, according to unofficial results from the city’s Board of Elections (BOE).

“Once again, I am deeply grateful to the voters of the sixth district for choosing me to represent them in our nation’s capital,” Meng said. “I am honored to be their voice in Washington, and I will continue working nonstop on their behalf each and every day. I am also thrilled that Jackson Heights and Woodside will now be among the outstanding and vibrant communities which encompass my district.”

Meanwhile, in the race for Senate District 11, Democratic incumbent Toby Ann Stavisky declared victory over Republican challenger Stefano Forte Tuesday night. She led the race with 55.96% of the vote (34,784 votes) as of Wednesday morning, with 95.49% of scanners reported.

“The results of this election are sending a clear message: extremism has no place in our community,” Stavisky said. “The stakes in this year could not have been higher, with reproductive rights, public safety and civil liberties on the line. This community wants a strong and experienced advocate in their corner. I am deeply honored to be reelected and will continue to stand against right-wing extremism and hate mongering in all its ugly forms.”

In the race for the Assembly District 40 seat, Democratic incumbent Ron Kim led Republican challenger Sharon A. Liao with 51.84% of the vote (7,521 votes) with 99% of scanners reported as of Wednesday morning. After winning a sixth term in office to continue representing District 40, Kim said he remains more focused than before on delivering affordable housing, long-term care for older adults, better schools and quality jobs. 

“In a unique year that was filled with hate and fear-mongering, we expected a big red wave. But we successfully countered and won by focusing on the issues impacting working people of Flushing,” Kim said. “As much as the extreme right-wingers want to pit communities of color against each other, we must fight to expand the rights of all people in our community. I look forward to returning to Albany, so I can get back to doing the hard work to deliver for my district and our entire state.” 

In Central Queens, Assembly District 27 Democratic incumbent Daniel Rosenthal led Republican challenger Angelo King with 57.60% of the vote (13,175 votes) as of Wednesday, with 99% of scanners reported.

“I am proud of what we were able to accomplish tonight,” Rosenthal shared on Twitter. “Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly on behalf of this campaign. I am honored and grateful to all the diverse communities I represent for coming out and supporting me. I will continue to fight for you everyday.” 

In another key race, Assembly District 28 Democratic incumbent Andrew Hevesi led Republican challenger Michael Conigliaro with 57.55% of the vote (19,416 votes) as of Wednesday, with 95.56% of scanners reported. 

Results will not be official until they are certified by the city’s BOE.

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