Seasons’s Fleecings! Happy FakeMas. Beware Fake Goods

Fake Goods
Fake Super Bowl trophy.

Unauthorized counterfeit Super Bowl trophies can line the walls of
man-caves across the country.
The Customs Border Protection issued it’s annual warning about fake, counterfeit consumer goods marketing to the public. The CBP’s job is to protect the public and commercial intellectual property rights. Both actions are important as JFK Port Director Sal Ingrassia said, “CBP’s primary mission is to protect our nation while facilitating legitimate travel and trade. This includes protecting consumers from unsafe goods. We execute this mission by partnering with industry, HSI, other federal agencies and foreign governments to detect and intercept cross-border trade in these harmful and dangerous illicit goods,” said Frank Russo, Director of CBP’s New York Field Office. “The risks associated with purchasing counterfeit good are sizable. The lower prices you pay may come with a high cost to you and your family.”