Socially conscious restaurant-reward service changes dining, one meal at a time

Photo via Foodie Card

Did you know you can make money by dining out? It’s true — with Foodie Card.

Let us explain: Foodie Card is a dining membership that offers discounts and rewards while donating meals to those in need. 

The service was founded in 2018 and has witnessed a surge in membership over the past few years. More than 2,000 restaurants from NYC, Long Island, northern New Jersey, Westchester and Rockland County are participating. 

How does it work? For $29.99 per year, all new members will get a physical card in the mail so they’ll be able to use the physical card or the mobile app. Members earn 10% off their meals at participating restaurants, which include two Michelin Star Guide establishments and several five-star restaurants, with new establishments being added daily. 

Photo via Foodie Card

Each dollar saved (10% off) equals a reward point — points are added to your account within 24 hours. Reward points can be redeemed for gift cards from top retailers like Amazon, Apple, Target and Home Depot, and more rewards are being added in 2023. So there it is: You make money by eating out.

This allows the ultimate foodie to experience all that this amazing city has to offer. “It’s a lifestyle being a foodie, exploring new cuisines and restaurants,” CEO Jared Katz said. “Foodie Card opens up a new door to do just that.  

But there are reasons other than being financially mindful to adopt Foodie Card. You’ll be supporting local restaurants, and therefore the culture of the city. Many costs go into running a restaurant and retention is hard, so Foodie Card encourages a continuous discount for members, instead of one-off coupons.

Everything we do is in the best interest of restaurant owners,” Katz said. Local restaurants get to enjoy serving new customers with zero fees or costs from Foodie Card.

But the ultimate reward is you’ll be feeding yourself and someone else: With each membership purchase and renewal, Foodie Card donates a meal to charity. The company has donated 75,000 meals so far. 

“We created this business to help support local independent restaurants and to help feed people in need of food,” Katz said. “Five years later, for members, local restaurants and local food banks, Foodie Card is a win-win-win.”

To test out their program, Foodie Card is offering an exclusive $1 trial for the first year. Sign up here using code QNSONE.