Asylum seekers land at JFK Airport Wednesday night

The first of hundreds of refugees arrive at JFK Airport

Within minutes of the first couple of dozen refugee men who arrived at the support facility at JFK Airport at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night, General Manager Teresa Rizzuto gathered with PAPD’s Lt. Masouridis, Asak’s Arnold Sue Cheun and Port’s Jeffrey Time to discuss additional security measures for the safety and protection of the refugees, airport property, workers and travelers.

A few of the arrivals quickly turned around and left the facility, stating that this new accommodation was too far from their work. Where they walked to was a mystery.

Additionally, there are few familiar stores or markets that these men can visit.

The airport is one of newest city-owned properties that Mayor Eric Adams has used to house refugees and asylum seekers from different areas of the world.

PAPD and Airport GM Teresa Rizzuto map out additional security details