Crime stats for Ridgewood’s 104th Precinct mirror citywide decrease in shooting incidents this summer

Middle Village
QNS file photo

As the NYPD continues highlighting the downward trend in major crime categories across the city, the 104th Precinct in Ridgewood continues to lead the way in maintaining a steady decrease in crime numbers this year. 

According to NYPD crime statistics for the 104th Precinct so far in August, the number of shooting incidents and victims decreased by nearly 50% when compared to last year. The reported number of burglaries also took a dive year-to-date (29.9%) with a difference of 50 fewer burglaries in the precinct’s neighborhoods. 

In the crime categories of rape, felony assault, petit larceny and misdemeanor assault, the 104th Precinct also experienced overall decreases for the year. Felony assault incidents fell (4.3%), making for eight fewer reported cases and there were 86 fewer petit larceny incidents year-to-date (9.6%).  Misdemeanor assault incidents also fell (8.3%), with 27 fewer reported occurrences. 

Transit crimes increased (77.8%), with nearly double the number of transit-related incidents reported so far this year. Grand larceny auto crimes also increased (33.8%), as crime stats reveal in the first weeks of August. 

When the NYPD shared crime stats for July, the department also said grand larceny auto incidents were up in the city (18.5%) because of, “the well-documented exploitation of vulnerabilities in the ignition system of certain Kia and Hyundai models that make them susceptible to theft.”

An increase in transit-related incidents this month are exemplified in recent weeks. Police are searching for the assailants of an 18-year-old victim on the Myrtle Avenue and Wyckoff Avenue L-train in late July. 

While transit remains one ongoing issue in the confines of the 104th Precinct, officers continue to spearhead action against illegal motorbike users. On the precinct’s profile on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, motorbikes are consistently posted after being confiscated by 104th Precinct officers. 

The NYPD 104th Precinct serves the neighborhoods of Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village and Ridgewood.