Victoria’s Secrets: Special days, special feelings

Juliana & Robert Galanti

The holiday of Purim is this week and tells the story of how Queen Esther helped to save the Jewish people from a wicked man called Haman, who wanted to kill every Jew in Persia.

The holiday calls for kids to dress up as characters in the ancient story to celebrate heroism and perseverance. When I was a girl, my mother dressed me as Queen Esther and I was convinced I was her descendant. It was the beginning of my feeling special!

I was having dinner with my friend and he shared with me his gaining self esteem as a 7-year-old boy when he was given a chance to sing a solo in his school’s talent contest. He froze on stage, but a kind teacher came to his rescue and reassured him. He sang his heart out and earned a standing ovation! His self esteem soared and it was embedded in his soul!

I wonder how the precious ingredient of self esteem often leads the direction of our lives — is it nurture or nature?

As a mother of three and grandmother of six, I’m delighted how my children seem to have great self esteem and have passed their positive attitude to their children. 

It’s remarkable to me how positive feedback for even the tiniest event can make an enormous impact on self esteem, while negativity can be like a sword being struck in your heart. 

We can’t control our DNA, but we can control our environment, to some extent. Did you tell someone today that you love them? I did!

Purim will be celebrated this coming week and I’ve been invited to the Palm Beach Synagogue’s Purim celebration. My costume, of course, will be Queen Esther! It’s good to never grow up!

The week was filled with many celebrations, including my friend and neighbor Juliana Terian, president and CEO the Long Island-based Rallye Motor Co., who was celebrating her New York clients on the Rallye yacht “Alveare,” docked in West Palm Beach.

With Juliana Terian
Juliana & Chris Franklin
With Chris Franklin, Jenny Martinez Oliva & Steve Horowitz

Then, Netanel Hershtik, the beloved cantor of The Hampton Synagogue, performed at the B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton

With Gloria Kaylie, Carol & Jerry Levin and Canto Netanel Hershtik

It was a treat to see friends Vic Schwartz & Dr. Rita Stein from Westhampton Beach, as well Carol and Jerry Levin and Michelle and Steven Barnet, for dinner at the Polo Club of Boca Raton and then seeing philanthropist Gloria Kaylie and her niece at the concert.

To top off the week, I was delighted to see old friends from the recently renovated and revered Guild Hall in East Hampton.

Sarah Wetenhall, the owner of the Colony Hotel who is also a Sag Harbor resident, underwrote a beautiful luncheon for the Guild’s benefit. As a bonus, she interviewed the beautiful and brilliant Rebecca Hessel Cohen, creator and CEO of the enormously popular LoveShackFancy that launched in Sag Harbor and is now open in London, becoming an international brand!

Sarah Wetenhall & Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Nothing is better than seeing old friends and making new ones.

Michele & Marty Cohen
Andrea Grover & Lisa Perry

Sending love to you, my dear readers! Until next time!

With Kelsey Grammer at the Colony Hotel
With the Dublin Fire Brigade and the Lord Mayor of Dublin
The Dublin Fire Brigade
Tim McVay, Alexandra Ontra & Lincoln Palsgrove IV