Victoria’s Secrets: The beauty of friendship

With Hostess Kim Renk Dryer, Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright, co-host Jean Shafiroff and my daughter Elizabeth

What I’ve noticed about living in Palm Beach these past three months is that most people are from other places, but have forged fast friends here because our families are not.

Steven Hartman & David Hochberg

To my delight, this past week was not only my birthday, but also our Palm Beach Power List event brilliantly celebrating leaders in Palm Beach County and bringing great joy and networking opportunities to our successful honorees.

The Palm Beach Power List honorees

Our events team brought Demetra, who ran the “Ultimate Networking Event,” and my daughter Elizabeth, who oversees our media company’s 50 events, to Palm Beach. So I had special time with Elizabeth after the Power List event — what fun to have her to myself!

To my delight, friends Jean Shafirof, Kim Renk Dryer, Rebecca Seawright and Louise Braver dined with us Thursday night and said, “why don’t we have a birthday party for you on Saturday?” So, we did! In less than 48 hours, they put it together and about 150 people — including Judith Giuliani and Patrick Cerminara — joined us! It doesn’t get better than having friends and family around you!

With Wendy & Robert Federman. Photo by Annie Watt
Judith Giuliani and Patrick Cerminara. Photo by Annie Watt
Christina Wilson and her husband Eric. Photo by Annie Watt
Mike and Natalie Nicodema, Jeri Kronen & Jerry Cammarata. Photo by Annie Watt
Designer Nabys Vielman. Photo by Annie Watt
With Lana Angarsky, Lenny Lauren, Trish Gathers & Bryan Carey. Photo by Annie Watt
With Carol Calicchio & Lenny Lauren. Photo by Annie Watt
Italian singer Massimilo Cims sang Happy Birthday!

Sending love to you, my dear readers! Until next time!