NYPD warns of credit card skimmers found at Dollar Tree in Ozone Park

The Dollar Tree located at 137-20 Cross Bay Blvd.
Photo by John Schilling

The NYPD 106th Precinct is reminding residents to double-check where they put their credit cards following the discovery of two card skimmer devices at a Dollar Tree location in Ozone Park

Police say a customer shopping at the Dollar Tree store at 137-20 Cross Bay Blvd. on Sunday, May 19, was having trouble making a payment with their credit card at check-out. 

The customer then pulled on the credit card machine and discovered a skimmer device used by criminals to capture the information from a debit or credit card, according to police.

A report was made regarding the discovery of the skimmer, and the devices were removed by the police. So far, no complaints regarding theft have been reported in connection to the skimmer at the Dollar Tree. 

The Ozone Park Dollar Tree location has raised concerns among community members before. A rat infestation exposed to the public had shut down the store in August last year. 

Dollar Tree addressed the issue and was able to reopen shortly after. QNS has requested a statement from Dollar Tree and awaits a response.