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Tanning tips from the darkside

To tan? Or not too tan?
That is the question!
Unfortunately, there is no black or white answer, only pale, bronze, or red ones. In the case of tanning, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing, rather a burnt or shriveled up raisin-like thing.
How do we know when to stop and still get that sun-kissed glow we love - without becoming drunk from the intoxicating rays of light? I myself am a borderline tan-o-holic, and I hope my wisdom will help you cook to perfection before you are burnt to a crisp.
There is nothing I enjoy more than slathering up and soaking in the rays. In fact, before I went on vacation I told my friends to brace themselves because I planned on crossing over to the dark side. The force was strong with me, well, the SPF force that is.
Just because I wanted to get dark, didn't mean I wouldn't use protection. I put SPF 50 all over my body and still had impressive contrasting of skin color along my bikini line. I also made sure that the sunscreen I used didn't clog my pores and that it helped anti-aging, because while a healthy glow looks youthful now, the sun acts like a time machine on your skin and can make it look like you are 200 years old when you are still living in the 21st century.
While tanning in the sun can be harmful to your skin, tanning beds are even worse. Tanning beds could be considered premature deathbeds if you go too often. No matter what your astrological sign is, skin cancer is a horoscope for trouble. After each summer, you should schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to check any new sunspots you might have acquired. If you use tanning beds because you worry about maintaining your tan in the winter, consider the fact that right now pale is the new tan.
If that doesn't convince you, you can always resort to spray on tans or self-tans. They give you that extra glow without the damaging effects. Be sure to exfoliate prior to applying self-tanner and apply with caution. Nothing looks worse than solidified pulpy orange juice in human form. 
To be honest, my mom always warns me about the dangerous effects of tanning, but it never really phases me because I want a skin makeover NOW. Even though I know it is bad for my skin, I tan anyway, but I make sure I do it the safest way possible, and I make sure I know when enough is enough. Remember your future is bright - but so is the sun - so be sure to always wear a powerful SPF and shades (but watch out for those tan lines!)

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