Providing doctors with resources, borough with high quality care

As the Executive Director of The Medical Society of the County of Queens, Jeanine Regosin is working to ensure doctors have necessary resources and that the borough’s quality of medical care remains high.

Regosin has held her current position for a little over a year and a half. A social worker by trade, she previously held positions involving community outreach for Holliswood Hospital and Senior Bridge, which provided elder care services.

“I was always very focused on the Queens community and when this position became available it just seemed like a great next step,” said Regosin, who was brought up in Bayside and Rego Park.

There are several functions of The Medical Society of the Country of Queens.  Along with doing legislative advocacy, it also is responsible for providing physicians with continuing medical education and assisting the doctors with keeping up-to-date on medical information.

In addition, the society aids physicians who are starting a practice or have just moved to the area as well as those who are leaving the area.

“We are trying to make sure that the quality of healthcare that the community receives is of a high standard,” Regosin said.

So far in her position, Regosin said that her proudest accomplishment has involved having doctors once again coming together for the common good.

“I think the society has a renewed vigor. We have a tremendous increase in participation of physicians at our events,” she said. “What I’ve created here is a new excitement, a new optimism, a new sense of organization and…my best accomplishment is an increase in the total level of activity.”

Regosin said that the most rewarding part of her work is seeing a full room during meetings, as well as seeing them go from “gripe sessions to constructive meetings about action.” She also said that she was happy to need to buy more folding chairs recently, since it meant that the room was filling up so much that the society was running out of sitting places.

Aside from her work with the medical society, which is based in Forest Hills, Regosin is the founder, former president and current Executive Director of the not-for-profit organization Health and Business Alliance. She also is a board member of the Queensboro Council for Social Welfare and the organization Visions.

There have been several factors involved in Regosin’s success, she said. One of them has been having a “great” president of the medical society, Dr. James Satterfield. She described him as a unifying force and said that they both have a style of embracing others and making them immediately feel a part of the group.

Regosin said that other keys to her success has been putting “content and action on the table,” putting a plan in place, and bringing people together to work for common goals.

While the society currently has 1,000 members, Regosin said that there are about 6,000 physicians in Queens. One of her goals is to get all of them to become members of The Medical Society of the County of Queens.

“I’d love to see the medical society once again become the prestigious organization that it once was and have a real central, vital position in the lives of physicians,” Regosin said.


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