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Star Nissan must issue an apology

Perhaps if someone had held Star Nissan accountable for its conduct and lack of compliance with applicable regulations at the beginning of its tenure in Auburndale, then we would not be where we are today — contending with a business that believes that compliance with the law is a voluntary proposition subject to the whims of convenience.

Currently, Star Nissan is in violation of all provisions of its certificate of occupancy; all the applicable performance standards of the Zoning Resolution — ZR Section 42-411, which requires all doors and windows to be closed unless servicing a customer; and the Administrative Code sections governing the ventilation of an automobile service center.

If the workers would think about it for a moment, they would realize that the compliance the neighborhood seeks concerning ventilation would improve their working conditions by providing them with climate control above and beyond the present system of opening the doors in the summer to alleviate the heat and closing them in the winter to provide some modicum of warmth.

That Star Nissan’s management wants an apology from City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) is ludicrous. His conduct, though a little over the top for an elected official, was in defense of his constituency in the face of a rouge business.

On the other hand, the neighborhood deserves an apology from Star Nissan for the last 10 years of torture and demands enforcement from all city agencies. It is time for the city to stop coddling this business.

Additionally, as long as Star Nissan remains non-compliant with the above items, it should not be allowed to service cars of the agencies that are charged with enforcement.

Rhea O’Gorman


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