Overturn Citizens United to protect elections

Your Feb. 23-29 paper contained the letter “Fight to keep big money out of political campaigns.” It expresses the feeling of the vast majority of Americans.

The Citizens United case is one of the most outrageous injustices instituted on our electoral system. This miscarriage of justice was perpetrated by no less than the highest judges in our country: the U.S. Supreme Court judges.

They are nine people with supposedly no political bias and who are placed in a lifetime position. No bias indeed! It took five with a blatant right-wing agenda to outnumber the remaining four and declare the absurd conclusion that “corporations are people.”

As a consequence of this conclusion, as people they have freedom of speech and their money talks as Super Political Action Committees. In fact, that money has been screaming throughout the Republican Party primary and it will be ear-bursting when the election commences.

How could those five “judges” put their country up for sale? It is disgusting and suggests the need for imposing term limits for our robed rogues.

As the letter stated, a constitutional amendment has been introduced to overturn Citizens United, but money will never be removed from elections unless they are publicly funded once and for all.

Not only will it cease to have our elections go to the highest bidder, but it will keep our elected officials attending to the duties for which they were elected and not spending so much of their terms begging for money.

Theo Pappas


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