Chandra Beauty In Wellness Center: Elixir of Nature, Heritage Healing, Timeless Serenity


If you’re seeking a relaxing experience that will improve your health, look no further than the Chandra Beauty In Wellness Center in Flushing. Chandra incorporates traditional medical principals and Chinese medicine into its treatments to foster wellness, harmony and balance in each person who comes into the center.

“It is with great pride and passion that I share my knowledge and the healing secrets of my traditional Asian herbalism,” says Suzzane Ang, owner of the Chandra Beauty In Wellness Center.

The experts at the Center use herbalism to treat many ailments. The use of herbs takes the form of fusions, teas, topical creams and ointment, hot and cold compresses, poultices, and steam scented with different types of herbs. Some conditions that Chandra’s treatments are geared towards include Bell’s palsy, stroke, sciatica, migraines, carpel tunnel syndrome, asthma, constipation, arthritis, sprains and more.

Something that makes Chandra Beauty In Wellness Center especially unique is the special attention that is given to pregnant women, new mothers and infants. Chandra offers pre- and post-natal herbal treatments and baby massage for infants one month and older. In addition, the center offers Chandra Jamu Post-Natal Herbal Therapy, which consists of five, ten, or fifteen-day intensive treatment programs, which combine massage techniques, herbalism and abdominal binding to restore the energy and pre-pregnancy bodies of new mothers.

For a full list of services and pricing, visit chandrawellnesscenter.com. As an added bonus customers will receive 10 percent off their purchase if buying three or more services.


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