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More often than not, real estate agents receive a tremendous amount of resistance when asking for keys to show a property for rent or for sale.

Owners who resist often find themselves and their properties being the ones that languish for longer periods of time on the market. As we all know, buyers and renters alike come in all shapes, sizes and forms and have varying schedules.

Providing a trusted real estate agent with keys not only improves your prospects of having your property rented or sold in a more swift manner, but it also provides the real estate agent with an additional tool with which to afford all buyers and renters necessary accessibility.

Allowing a prospective client to see things at a point in time when they are available is a very empowering thing for the agent and his overall morale with regards to servicing your needs. Nothing is more debilitating than having a client come in with the exact requirements of a listing you have available only to be unable to show them the listing due to lack of access. Oftentimes this can result in a client moving on to the next available property or seeking real estate services from another agent. In either instance the resulting outcome is that the listing suffers.

Most owners are reluctant because they feel uneasy about having “strangers” enter their home without them present. This is why it is suggested that owners only provide keys to trusted agents, who provide them with their New York Department of State-issued Real Estate License upon request. The license is issued through the Department of State only to individuals who have met and sustained the necessary requirements for licensing within the state of New York. Individuals who have this card are bound not only by their fiduciary duties, but also by the legal ramifications, which are attached to their license should a complaint be filed against them. Individuals like me who practice real estate as a profession and not a hobby take great pride in not only maintaining their status but also in presenting their status to inquiring landlords and owners.

So do yourself and your listing a favor and give your trusted real estate professional keys to access your property. It will not only strengthen your possibilities of meeting your real estate needs but will also strengthen your relationship with the real estate professional you have chosen to represent you.

It’s a key to success!

Minas Styponias


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