More buses to be added to Q28 line

By Tom Momberg

Changes are coming to the Q28 bus route this summer, with additional buses allocated to increase frequency and decrease crowding.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will implement changes to the bus route beginning in late June, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) announced last week.

The Q28 route, which runs from Main Street in Flushing to Bell Boulevard in Bay Terrace, will be scheduled to run every 3 1/2 minutes during peak morning hours, as opposed to the four-minute increments currently in place.

The MTA estimated the changes will reduce the average bus capacity from 109 percent to 97 percent in the morning.

The bus will be scheduled to run every 10 minutes during midday rather than the current 12 minutes, decreasing capacity from 119 percent to 99 percent. During the peak evening hours, the MTA plans to reduce six-minute intervals to five-minute intervals, decreasing capacity from 129 percent to 73 percent.

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