Help send a student from Maspeth High School to Africa for a life-changing project

Photo courtesy of Maspeth High School

Before the students of Maspeth High School’s (MHS) International Club can make a difference across the world, they need your help getting there.

Next summer, the boys and girls of the International club will be going on an 11-day mission to Tanzania in Africa to participate in the club’s first international service-learning project. During their mission they will be working side by side with locals to gain insight into the challenges they face and build lasting solutions to help empower the community.


The cost for each student to travel to Africa is $4,930, which includes eight overnight stays, round-trip flights, daily meals, local transportation, a sustainable service project with Free the Children — including 20+ service hours — and a safari day.

MHS is reaching out to the community to help defray the cost of sending one student to Tanzania for this life-changing experience.

“Ms. Polson and I have been inspired to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of a new country, but we wanted more than that. We noticed that our students were feeling empathetic towards the less fortunate children we wanted them to have the opportunity to help,” said Nicole Evanisko, Maspeth International Adviser. “One of the best things about this trip is that we listen directly to what the people of Longido, Tanzania need at the time, and we do the best we can to work together to build lasting solutions to help empower their community. We may end up assisting with library construction, building and restoring a school, or helping to provide clean drinking water.”

The mission of MHS’ International Club is to become better connected to the world. In the club, students learn about the culture and history of countries from across the globe and by participating in international travel, such as next summer’s trip to Africa, they have the ability become more confident, well-rounded young adults. Evanisko believes that through experiential learning, the students can gain new perspectives, develop important skills, and become true global citizens.

“Tanzania is a country ridden with poverty and we want to be able to help in whatever way we can,” Evanisko said. “But anyone that has ever participated in a service project knows that you learn more than you could ever teach, and you change more within yourself than you could ever change.”

If you would like to donate and help send a student to Africa, please make checks payable to Maspeth High School and send it to Nicole Evanisko, Maspeth International Advisor, Maspeth High School, 54-40 74th St., Maspeth, NY 11373. Or visit their page on Donorschoose.org. All donations are tax deductible.

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