Registering to vote more important than ever

Registering to vote more important than ever
By Carole Wacey

With the local and mid-term elections swiftly approaching, eligible New Yorkers of all backgrounds and political leanings must register to vote and those who are already registered should make sure others in their communities are prepared to cast their ballots.

The rights of women, people of color, and immigrants are more vulnerable than ever and it is imperative we ensure that our leaders are representing New Yorkers’ concerns and views.

The data is clear: more New Yorkers need to register and vote in elections. From 1953 to 2013, voter turnout decreased from 93 percent to only 26 percent and during the 2016 election, New York ranked 41st out of 50 states in voter turnout.

As a city, we must work to break down barriers to voting and amplify the voices of women, low-income communities, and others who lack representation in our political system.

This summer Womens City Club of New York is hosting voter registration events across the city, including at Jackson Heights Library and Queens Central Library, encouraging New Yorkers to sign voting pledge cards, fill out voter registration forms, or update their address if they have moved.

New Yorkers can also access voting guides and register online at www.voting.nyc, and learn more about voting rights and elections from LWV-NYC.

Our goal is to promote civic engagement and get more women and eligible girls to register to vote, particularly those who are seeking access and opportunities, and empower them to make their voices heard at the ballot box and in public policy.

Carole Wacey

Forest Hills

Womens City Club of New York

President & CEO