Bloody great day at the Jack’s Pack JetBlue Plane Pull

Bloody great day at the Jack’s Pack JetBlue Plane Pull
Constable Steve Whitter of Portsmouth, England, one of the 12 Metro Police Elite Pull Team leading theway.

Eighty British Police Officers converged at JetBlue, JFK Airport to compete against U.S. counterparts which included the U.S. Army, NYPD, Port Authority Police and others to raise money and awareness of Jack’s Pack.

The event was held in fantastic weather with hundreds of contestants prepared for the competition in which bragging rights is the highest honor.

Some of the British wore the Union Jack around their waists while all other Brits donned their famous Bobby Helmets reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes days.

The contest objective was to see which team of twelve could pull the plane in the quickest time along the 100 foot tarmac length.

Teams could be seen flexing their muscles, high-fiving and pumping the air as they queued up for each pull. Two inch thick rope was wrapped around the anchor puller as the teams struggled to drag the dead weight of the Airbus aircraft over 85,000 pounbds over about 200 feet of tarmac. Not quite as easy as it seemed. Each team member’s twisted face illustrated the strain of trying to pull harder with the attempt to break the 28 second record.

Unfortunately for our cousins, one of our home team, Nassau County Corrections Men did it at 27.55.

The annual pilgrimage across the pond of UK Police Officers was supported by British Airways and JetBlue which hosted the event with the use of their building grounds, airplane and a fantastic dinner afterwards in Manhattan.

The thirteen year old organization was founded after one of the Metro Police family lost young Jack Brown to pediatric cancer. The Jack’s mission is to provide advice and support for children and families wishing to undertake innovative or experimental, (clinical trials), treatments for Neuroblastoma.

Visit j-a-c-k.org to learn more about Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K-S).

Constable Allan Moloney of London does his best to help his team win Pull.

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