Brooklyn man gets seven years for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s Jamaica apartment and destroying her stuff with a knife: DA

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A Brooklyn man will spend seven years in prison for burglarizing his ex-girlfriend’s Jamaica apartment and destroying her belongings, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Keon Richmond, 37, was convicted at trial of second-degree burglary and third-degree tampering with a witness in February 2019. He was sentenced to six years in prison for the burglary conviction and a year for the witness tampering. The sentences are to run consecutively for a total of seven years’ incarceration to be followed by five years’ post release supervision.

“The defendant in this case broke in to the victim’s home and purposefully damaged her personal property,” said acting District Attorney John M. Ryan. “Not only did he destroy her apartment, but he called and threatened the young woman to further instill fear and violate her safety. Given the crimes committed, the sentenced imposed by the Court today is just and more than warranted.”

According to trial testimony, on Oct. 18, 2016, Richmond broke into his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend’s apartment on 159th Street. Once inside, Richmond used a knife and cut up the victim’s couch with a knife, removed her headboard and nightstands from the victim’s bedroom and put them outside with the trash.

Richmond proceed to break two flatscreen TVs and cut the plugs off of his ex’s air conditioner and electric heater. Richmond then left a knife in the apartment on a coffee table next to a book entitled “Couples Therapy,” which his ex found when she returned home.

Surveillance footage found from the scene at the time of the incident showed Richmond leaving the victim’s apartment with what appeared to be two nightstands and the headboard, which the woman reported missing. The following day, Richmond called and threatened the woman telling her, “If I get arrested, you, your mom and your daughter better pray.”

Richmond is currently awaiting sentencing in Kings County for the murder of a different woman.

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