Parks Department finishes Rosemary’s Playground construction ahead of schedule in Ridgewood

Photos: Max Parrott/QNS

When the gates came up around Rosemary’s Playground earlier than scheduled, Ridgewood youth couldn’t resist the damp winter weather to try out the new playscape.

On a rainy February day last week, children were already gathering at the playground, which is substantially complete months ahead of its expected schedule.

Rosemary’s Playground received a $3.2 million redesign made possible with $500,000 funding from former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and $2.7 million from Borough President Melinda Katz.

The renovations are designed to appeal to all ages. The park contains a taller tower for children ages 5-12, short turrets for kids ages 2-5 and a miniature playhouse for toddlers. In addition, it has new swing sets, a spray shower area, seating and picnic areas, new plantings and several new trees.

The Parks Department is still putting the finishing touches on a few items for the park, and will officially open it soon.

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