NYC Board of Elections to canvas absentee ballots on July 6 and 8

Photo by Mark Hallum

The New York City Board of Elections announced Tuesday they will begin counting tens of thousands of absentee ballots cast for the June 23 Democratic primary next week, more than two weeks after voters headed to the polls in person.

For Staten Island, the recount will begin on July 6. For the rest of the boroughs, it start on July 8. The locations and time that these operations will start, however, has not been announced by the BOE, who did not return a request for clarification from Schneps Media.

The decision made at the weekly commissioner’s meeting was preceded by an overview of operations at 1,166 polling locations on election day itself and over 70 early voting poll sites, mainly focusing on COVID-19 safety measures. Some of which include transparent shields provided by vendors and the efficacy of different ones provided.