Queens senator holds meet-and-greet to hear directly from constituents

Maspeth Stop & Shop 1
Senator Addabbo speaks with constituents in Maspeth. (Photo courtesy of Addabbo’s office)

State Senator Joseph Addabbo held two meet-and-greet events this past weekend to hear from constituents about concerns in their neighborhood. 

Addabbo visited Wasserman’s Supermarket in Kew Gardens Hills on Nov. 18 and the Maspeth Stop & Shop on Nov. 20. He said residents were mainly concerned about public safety and flooding. 

Typically for these meet-and-greets, Addabbo stands outside a popular location and hands out free hand sanitizer to people passing by. Anyone can then speak with him about any local or state issues that they are curious about. 

“These meet-and-greet events are a great way for me to get into the communities of my district and meet with the people and hear their concerns,” Addabbo said. “I know it can be difficult for many residents to visit me at one of my three district offices during normal business hours, so I am always looking for new ways to meet with my constituents. I also hand out free small hand sanitizer bottles as a way to help keep everyone safe as we are still battling COVID.”

Senator Addabbo speaks with constituents in Kew Gardens Hills. (Photo courtesy of Addabbo’s office)

Addabbo tries to hold these events every month. He has worked on several issues brought up at these events, including cleaning out catch basins or resolving DMV issues. Addabbo will be reaching out to local police precincts to alert them to public safety concerns for the issues brought up this week.

The meet-and-greets used to be held at the local Queens Public Library branches throughout his district, but events are still not allowed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Addabbo plans to resume his office hours at the libraries when permitted.