George Santos never disclosed 2019 divorce with woman in Queens County

George Santos at his Election Night party in November. (Photo courtesy of George Santos for New York)

Yet another aspect of Congressman-elect George Santos’ past has been called into question.

A Daily Beast article released Thursday revealed that Queens County court records show that Santos, who has claimed to be openly gay, divorced from a woman named Uadla Santos in 2019. QNS was able to confirm with the Queens County Court that George and Uadla Santos got divorced in September 2019.

Requests for comment from both George and Uadla Santos have gone unanswered.

The revelation comes in the wake of a New York Times article accusing Santos of lying about several aspects of his past, including his education and work history.

Santos had previously stated he had long been confident about his sexuality. In October, he told USA Today that he had not had any issue with his sexual identity over the last decade.

According to the Daily Beast, Santos filed the paperwork for his 2020 Congressional campaign 12 after having the divorce finalized.

Santos’ 2022 campaign biography states he currently has a husband. Upon being elected to represent New York’s third Congressional district, Santos became the first openly gay non-incumbent GOP member elected to Congress, defeating democratic nominee Robert Zimmerman, who is also openly gay.

Despite claiming to be a homosexual, Santos ran into controversy earlier in 2022 when he voiced his support for Florida Senator Ron DeSantis’ controversial “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. It was while defending himself from this controversy that Santos stated he had been comfortable with his sexual identity for a long time.

After the New York Times story accused Santos of lying about his education and work history on Wall Street, Santos has yet to provide any evidence that would contradict these claims. This has led to many Queens and Long Island leaders to call for him to resign and for an ethics investigation to be conducted.

Santos is scheduled to take office in January as congressman of a district that includes parts of Nassau and Queens counties, replacing the outgoing Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove), who held the seat since 2017 before leaving in an ultimately unsuccessful bid for governor of New York and could not immediately be reached for comment regarding the allegations against Santos.

Santos will be seated in a very slim, four-seat Republican majority in the House of Representatives.