Bomb threat called into Bayside High School, school evacuated

Bayside High School
File photo

A bomb threat was called into Bayside High School Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 8. Shortly after the call, which came in around 2 p.m., there was an emergency evacuation.

“My son just told me Bayside High School was evacuated,” one resident wrote on Facebook. “When he was walking to the bus, there were cops in the area.”

Following the evacuation, police arrived on the scene and searched for the explosive device. After combing through the entire school, the police determined that there was no such device, determining the call was fake.

Shortly after word began to spread online that this had occurred, some parents tried to call or email the school to see what was going on but did not receive an answer since there wasn’t anybody in the building.

The source of the call that started all this has yet to be determined.