New bubble tea shop opens in Ridgewood

Iddy's Bubble Tea shop
Iddy’s Bubble Tea shop is located at 451 Grandview Ave. in Ridgewood.
Photo by Elijah Hamilton

Ridgewood residents looking for delicious bubble tea have a new option on Grandview Avenue.

The recently opened Iddy’s Bubble Tea shop is located at 451 Grandview Ave., right across the street from the Grover Cleveland High School, and is already becoming a popular destination for local residents.

Owner of Idress Muhammad Ally told QNS that his passion for bubble tea brewed after spending time with his wife getting the beverage frequently.

“I wasn’t really into bubble tea,” Ally said. “But then we just started going to get bubble tea more often.”

Infrequent trips became frequent, and the couple would eventually find themselves going out for bubble tea multiple times per week, Ally said.

Their newfound love for bubble tea led to an idea, and that’s when the idea to open their own shop was born.

“I’d been talking about opening up a store, a restaurant in general, for a long time,” Ally said, and a bubble tea shop seemed like the perfect idea.

 Much of the menu comes with various flavors of bubble tea ranging from regular milk tea to their fruit tea, which has flavors such as passion fruit and mango.

The store also gives out free stickers to customers with every purchase of bubble tea.

The shop features lavender walls and tons of art work, including a painting of a polar bear drinking bubble tea.

“My sister and my wife both suggested lavender, so I did a mock image and it looked good,” Ally said.

The shop also serves as an homage to Ally’s other passions and includes a shelf of classic Japanese manga.

“This is the stuff I grew up reading,” Ally said.

Ally said that he plans to continue adding new flavors of bubble tea to the menu and hopes to one day turn Iddy’s into a franchise.

Iddy’s is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, follow the shop on social media @iddysbubbleTea.