MTA refurbishes subway station in Jamaica, offering riders a safer, cleaner experience

MTA crews gave the Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer Ave J subway station a makeover while it was closed for planned track work and ADA upgrades.
Photo courtesy of MTA

Southeast Queens elected leaders are commending the MTA for completing a makeover at the Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer Ave J subway station under an innovative initiative known as “Re-NEW-Vation” in which dedicated crews completed much-needed cosmetic and functional renovations during planned weekend service outages.

During the June 17 weekend, while planned track work and Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA) upgrades took place at the station, transit workers used the opportunity to install new LED lighting fixtures to brighten darkened areas, repair concrete tripping hazards, clean service and emergency lighting, remediated water damage, and scrubbed and repainted station services.

Photo courtesy of MTA

“Commuters in southeast Queens and across the city deserve safe [and] clean stations and the MTA/NYCT continues to move in the right direction to deliver,” state Senator Leroy Comrie said. “This next phase of the re-NEW-vation program at Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer Ave station continues the progress made earlier this year at Sutphin/Archer and is a welcomed enhancement to the rider experience.”

The project, completed during a 55-hour window, also includes refurbishing transit employee facilities within the station. Riders found a cleaner, brighter, and revitalized station as a result of the initiative.

“These investments into the experience at the subway station are much-needed and welcome,” Councilwoman Nantasha Williams said. “We thank our state leaders and the MTA for making this possible. Our subway stations are the front doors to our community for many travelers and for too long this station was lacking a proper welcome mat for visitors and residents.”

Photo courtesy of MTA

Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer Ave is the 33rd station to be enhanced with an upcoming refurbishment planned at the 121st St J line subway station.

“Every New Yorker deserves a safe, clean, and welcoming commute whenever they use our subway system — not only while they ride the train, but while they’re navigating our stations,” Queens Borough President Donovan Richards said. “Thank you to the MTA for its work to give the Jamaica Center subway station a facelift and create an inviting space for our neighbors as they go about their travels.I look forward to additional stations across the borough receiving these much-needed maintenance upgrades in the months to come.”

Photo courtesy of MTA

Cleanliness is one of the top five attributes customers cite in surveys that would improve satisfaction and encourage increased ridership. In response, NYC Transit developed this program integrating renovations into planned station outages.

“There’s nothing better than starting your day at a station that’s been cleaned, brightened, completely refurbished and re-New-vated,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “New York City Transit’s North Star is continuing to provide faster, cleaner and safer service through tangible results that riders can see for themselves.”