Cord Meyer looks to the future at the Bay Terrace

Cord Meyer
Rendering courtesy of Cord Meyer

Cord Meyer Development Company, which played a central role in the transformation of Queens from a rural outpost in the early 1900s into the World’s Borough, is set to embark on the latest chapter in its celebrated history. This fall, Cord Meyer will begin implementing structural and design changes at its Bay Terrace Shopping Center that touch nearly every corner of the 60-year-old property.

Rendering courtesy of Cord Meyer

According to Cord Meyer Development President and CEO Matthew Whalen, the intent is to transform the Bay Terrace into a mixed-use retail center that acknowledges the global shift to e-commerce and reimagines the space as an exciting, multi-purpose destination aligned with the current and future needs of the surrounding community.

“Bay Terrace and the Bay Terrace Shopping Center grew up together,” observed Whalen. “For over six decades, the shopping center has served as the heart of the community — a hub of economic activity for job creation, charitable giving, tax-revenue generation and small business growth. At Cord Meyer, our goal is to ensure that the Bay Terrace remains a vital, thriving asset. That’s why we are prepared to make such a significant investment in the property. The past is not coming back, with its reliance on brick-and-mortar retail. The shopping center needs to change and we stand ready to embrace the future.”

Cord Meyer Vice President and Bay Terrace Project Lead Joe Forgione explained that the transformation of the shopping center will follow a phased approach over several years beginning this fall with the total redesign of the vacant Victoria’s Secret/Applebee’s space, including the addition of a second floor. The new space is being marketed by Cord Meyer as ideal for a fitness center. Other proposed changes and improvements include:

  • Attractive new architectural features to modernize the look of the buildings
  • Contemporary signage at the Bell Boulevard entrance
  • Improved pedestrian walkways with enhanced safety elements
  • New landscaping
  • Expanded outdoor seating areas
  • Designated space for community events

“In recent years, we have already begun utilizing the Bay Terrace as a place the community can gather for classic car shows, seasonal festivals, live performances, and a safe space for local not-for-profits and nearby schools to reach the public,” noted Forgione. “What we are doing now is stepping back and saying, ‘How can we build this into a permanent feature of the center?’ Our goal is to transform the property into a destination where families and people of all ages can come to enjoy various elements beyond great shopping. We envision increased dining options, redesigned outdoor seating areas and more emphasis on creating a live-work-play environment.”

Forgione concluded that Cord Meyer is still in the early planning stages, exploring all options that will help attract and retain tenants and ensure the long-term viability of the shopping center. “We are beginning to meet with local organizations and citizens groups to present our findings and discuss the Moving Forward project,” he explained. “People recognize that the economic strength of the property directly benefits Bay Terrace and the surrounding communities. There are many interested stakeholders and we look forward to meeting with them in the coming weeks and months.”

More information on Cord Meyer Development is available at www.cordmeyer.com.