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Anthony Lolli, Founder/CEO of Rapid Realty NYC
Anthony Lolli, Founder/CEO of Rapid Realty NYC

Anthony Lolli is a Brooklyn native who owns the fastest growing real estate and franchise company in New York City. Lolli’s company, Rapid Realty, started in Park Slope South Brooklyn and has now branched out to all 5 boroughs, Long Island and Jersey City. Rapid Realty grew from 1 office to 51 offices in 26 months and it has become the 2nd largest rental based real estate company in New York–with over 700 agents spread out across the city.

After first conquering the Brooklyn market, Lolli shifted his focus to growing the company to the other boroughs. Included in this was of course Queens. Lolli opened his first franchise in Queens in May 2010 and now has 4 offices—Astoria, Hillside, Jamaica and Long Island City. Rapid Realty’s presence in Queens was immediately felt as they quickly have become the go-to source for landlords to call upon whenever they have a vacancy.

Lolli plans on opening an additional 14 offices throughout the neighborhoods of Queens over the next 12 months. His track record of being a goal-reacher and achieving everything he ever set out to do, leaves no doubt that he will accomplish his goals of dominating the Queens rental market.

Lolli is also an investor and multi-unit property owner, with a portfolio of buildings in the downtown areas of Brooklyn. As a gift to his parents, he opened up a real estate school for them, which they own, that has helped license over 14,000 real estate agents over the past few years.

There’s no question that Lolli’s passion and relentless drive to dominate his industry are sure to lead to bigger and better things for him and his company in the great borough of Queens.


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