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Photo via Twitter/@NYPD112Pct
Photo via Twitter/@NYPD112Pct
Detective Redzematovic (left) with Will Estes of "Blue Bloods" on CBS.

Even real police can be starstruck when seeing their small-screen counterparts.

Officers in the 112th Precinct had a chance encounter with an actor filming a scene from CBS primetime cop drama “Blue Bloods” in Forest Hills on Wednesday.

Detective Gigi Redzematovic of the 112th Precinct Community Affairs Unit got up close for a photo with series regular Will Estes, who plays the youngest son in a family of NYPD officers.

Estes is in full costume as a uniformed officer in the snapshot, alongside Redzematovic clad in an NYPD windbreaker.

Officers at the precinct are clearly fans of the show, as the photo was posted to Twitter with Estes referred to by the name of his television alter ego, Jamie Reagan.

Redzematovic was excited to have run into a “Blue Bloods” shoot because her children, ages 12 and 14, both watch and relate to the program¬†because the similarities to her job in the NYPD. She said her daughter was especially excited to see the photo of Estes, and that she herself thought the actor was very handsome as an officer on the show.

A veteran officer who began her time on the force in the 112th Precinct 18 years ago, Redzematovic began her own family blue blood tradition by inspiring two nieces to follow her into law enforcement.


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