You could call him Super student!

Jon Weddington, a junior at Christ the King High School who will be graduating in 2009, not only excels in his academics, but also contributes to his school as a member of the student government and a player on the football team.
For the last two years, Weddington, a resident of Jamaica, has been a member of the Student Government at Christ the King High School. Last year, he served as class vice president and this year is acting as a junior representative.
“I just like to represent the school,” said Weddington, whose favorite subjects are math and science.
Weddington explained that he and other members of the student government take ideas from their peers and present them to the president and principal, ensuring that “all classes are being heard” while working towards making changes in the school. This year, Weddington said that he is hoping their work will make it a positive school year that runs smoothly. He also wants to see all class levels getting along with one another and a better rapport with the teachers.
As a freshman in the fall of 2005, Weddington joined the school’s football team because of his enjoyment for the sport. He now plays offensive line and said that his goal is for the team to have a positive season and wins.
Outside of school, Weddington has participated in “From Cardboard to Canvas,” a program that teaches the fundamentals of drawing and painting. He began with the program in January of 2007. He found out about the program after a cousin applied for it and his mother told him about it. He said that he had been looking for a program where he would be able to enhance his skills.
This past summer, from July 1 to July 27, Weddington participated in the Pratt Pre-College Program. He received a scholarship to attend from the Black Alumni at Pratt.
“It was really amazing,” said Weddington, who received gold honors last year and was on the dean’s list. “It was a blessing actually.”
While in the program, Weddington majored in architecture, since it is a career he is considering. He also took courses in fundamental drawing and art history, and said that he learned a great deal about time management.
Weddington, who said that so far his proudest accomplishments have been doing well in school and completing the program at Pratt, said that his mother has been one of his biggest inspirations in life.
“We have a lot of talks and she gives really good advice, helps me to determine things that would be good for my future,” Weddington said. “She’s a positive role model in my life, as well as my grandmother and aunt.”
Although Weddington is considering attending Pratt to study architecture, he said that so far he is favoring studying engineering, possibly at MIT. He said that as a child he was always interested in cars and wanted to design them. After doing research to discover that engineering has a part in career design, he decided it would be “a fun career choice.”
Weddington said that his dream job would be to own his own company and be his own boss while also being successful.

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