Stand up to MTA fare hikes by boycotting

I would like to applaud Louis Kenny of South Jamaica, who is reported to be organizing a grassroots boycott of all Metropolitan Transportation Authority trains and buses June 9, just when fares are expected to go up.

He wants us to show the MTA who’s boss and I concur. This reminds me of Rosa Parks and the actions taken on her behalf and others due to an injustice, which brought a bus company to its knees during the civil rights movement.

We the people can do the same and make our voices heard. The MTA needs to think about this. There are a lot of people on fixed incomes, like the elderly, handicapped and unemployed, who will be hurt by the fare increases and cutbacks. Maybe then our politicians and those who mismanaged funds and created this deficit will get the message that we will not stand for having our pockets picked anymore. They just might find another way to get the funds for transportation, the backbone of our city.

On June 9 and everyday thereafter, all those who can should walk, ride their bikes and car pool and do so with pride and conviction that we shall overcome this travesty. Power to the people!

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village

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