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Body by Berle will change your life

Since 2002, Body by Berle has provided Queens residents with a healthy respite from crowded, overpriced health clubs with its results-based, headache free workouts.

Located in the Kohl’s Fresh Meadows Shopping Center, the personal training center offers one-on-one, appointment-based workouts for men and women of all ages; promoting healthy, active lifestyles across the city’s most diverse borough.

With private sessions, their trainers aim to improve the cardiovascular system, muscle strength and flexibility, resulting in a faster metabolism and a leaner, firmer body. And with Berle’s convenient scheduling and Nautilus equipment, maximum results can be gleaned from a minimum amount of time.

They know how busy you are, so Berle only asks that you commit to working out twice a week at $25 per session. In order to remove the hassle from signing up, Berle offers a simple pay-once option; 12 sessions for $300 and you are on your way to a toned, beach-ready body.

And if you are not sure if Body by Berle is for you, call for a free, no obligation trial. Go in and check out the facility, meet the trainers and find out what a lot of Queens residents already know: Body by Berle will shape you up, privately.

Body by Berle always boasts something that many other fitness places in the city could only dream of: plenty of free parking. And since they are conveniently located right off the Long Island Expressway, your excuses not to go are getting thinner and thinner; just like your waistline if you go to Berle’s.

However, it is not just about looking good; it is also about feeling good. Regular exercise provides an emotional and physical escape from the day-to-day rigors of life. It gives one a sense of accomplishment and allows one to channel stress in a healthy direction.

They take appointments all seven days per week and are the optimal training site for people of all backgrounds and professions.

Call Body by Berle at 718-264-8787 for a free trial session and let their certified trainers rework your mind and body one session at a time. – Steve Mosco

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